Does your dishwasher or washing machine not perform as well as it should?

When you turn on a tap in one room, does your partner taking a shower scream because the water has suddenly gone ice cold?

If you’ve nodded your head at any of the above questions, it sounds like you could benefit from a new mains water booster pump.

Our expert plumbers are time-served and Gas Safe registered, with oodles of experience in fitting booster pumps that last for years and improve the functionality of all of your sanitary ware.

When you want a booster pump, trust the pros at Bollano Plumbers.

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Why Do I Have Low Water Pressure In London?

There are several reasons that you might have low water pressure in your London home:

Multiple open taps in the home can mean that the pressure in any single tap or appliance is lower – this can be especially common if you live in a busy household where different family members or housemates can be carrying out various tasks simultaneously.

Your home could be situated at the end of the supply line or on the top floor of a tower block.

The mains pipe could be leaking.

Water pressure can be lower at peak usage times such as the morning when people are getting ready for work, or in the evening when they’re preparing their evening meals.

What Applications Are Water Booster Pumps Suitable For?

Water booster pumps are suitable for dealing with low water pressure in the following different ways:

Drawing up water from shallow wells and underground tanks to the water table.

Ramping up the water pressure from roof tanks, ground tanks, break tanks and rainwater tanks.

Increasing the water pressure delivered by the mains supply.

Why Choose Bollano Plumbers For Water Booster Pump Installation In Bromley?

With decades of collective experience in the plumbing business and the capacity to work all across London, Bollano Plumbers in Bromley can safely and efficiently install your new water booster pump for a very competitive price.

We’re fully licensed and insured and there are no hidden fees – we can carry out a free estimate with no obligation and quote you a fantastic comprehensive package price straight off so that you know exactly what we’re offering.

Boosting your water supply can make a big difference to those daily tasks that become a drag because of low pressure and Bollano Plumbers are here to make it happen with minimum hassle.

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