At Bollano Plumbers, we excel in advising customers on the most effective, efficient and cost-effective heating solutions and our years in the business means that we can offer you valuable insights and innovations.

If you don’t want to settle for second-best with plumbing and heating, we’re the go-to guys – read on to find out more fascinating facts on why unvented hot water systems could be ideal for you.

Need to Know More About Unvented Hot Water Systems?

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What Are Unvented Hot Water Systems And Why Are They Popular?

We’re installing more and more unvented hot water systems across London – here’s some information on how they work and why they’re so popular:

The key component of an unvented hot water system is a highly efficient pressurized cylinder which is powered directly from the mains supply cold water – these clever cylinders are brilliant at delivering fast running, high pressure hot water to all of your showers and taps.

Unvented hot water systems heat up faster than conventional systems and are better at maintaining water temperature – they’re excellent in terms of energy efficiency because of their fantastic recovery times and insulation levels.

You don’t need water tanks in your loft with an unvented system and the cylinder can be placed anywhere in your property – even in an adjacent structure like your garage.

Unvented water systems also enable even pressures at hot and cold taps, peak performance showers in every household area and the ability to run a hot, deep bath rapidly.

No cold water storage means there’s no risk of contamination.

They’re faster to install, operate very quietly and recover quickly – an impressive rate of 15 minutes for 125l isn’t uncommon.

As you can see, unvented hot water systems have plenty of advantages – trust your installation to pros like Bollano Plumbers in Bromley and you could be enjoying the benefits soon.

Why Choose Bollano Plumbers For London Unvented Hot Water System Installation?

With a highly experienced team of expert plumbing and heating engineers, we’ve always been ahead of the curve when it comes to embracing water heating technology and advising our clients on which systems and technologies best meet their needs.

So it’s no wonder that we have a high level of insider knowledge in regard to unvented hot water systems and we can easily advise you on the best setup for your type of property and requirements.

But our competitive edge isn’t only sharp because of technical expertise – our customer care and communication is also excellent, so you’ll feel completely confident dealing with us throughout the installation process.

With Bollano Plumbers, you can expect the best service and expertise as standard – once we’ve worked our magic and restored your home to its usual gorgeous appearance, you’ll feel the benefit of your new system immediately.

Need To Know More About Unvented Hot Water Systems?