Whether you have a burst pipe, overflowing toilet or you’ve discovered mysterious damp patches or puddles somewhere in your property, we understand that it’s seriously disruptive to your routine.

But don’t panic  ̶  call us right away and we’ll soon restore order and leave your home or business premises with your plumbing back in working order and often performing better than ever!

With decades in the business and a superb squad of Gas Safe certified engineers, Bollano are your go-to guys for any Penge plumbing problem.

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Boiler, gas heating and plumbing services in Penge

Plumbing is our passion, but we’re also brilliant with boilers, great with gas appliances and hands-on with heating systems. Here’s a run-down of a few of our fantastic services:

  • Immersion heater installations that supercharge your household hot water provision so that there’s always instant hot water on tap and you can run a relaxing deep bath any time you like. Although it’s unusual for properties to have no hot water whatsoever nowadays, often its availability and consistency is poor.
  • Pump installation and repairs can ensure that your central heating pump is pushing the hot water from your boiler through your system efficiently and that your dishwasher pump is enabling an optimal cleaning function and draining the appliance effectively.
  • Boiler installations and replacements that get your home hot water and central heating working at peak levels again, so that you’re always cosy and comfortable. A brand-new boiler is an investment that will save you trouble and money in the long run ̶  older models have to work harder to deliver sub-par performance, which is pointless.
  • Gas cooker installation that’s swift, secure and gets your new appliance ready for you to cook up a storm!
  • Full central heating installation that replaces your old system with a new responsive kit that ensures every room in your property is always at the ideal ambient temperature and that you’re saving money by reducing energy wastage.

As you can see, Bollano Plumbers offers a wide range of handy household services in Penge and as a family-run business we always prioritise professionalism and first-class customer service.

When you’ve got a Penge plumbing issue you want resolved properly, we’re always up to the job!  

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