They work from the cold water storage tank supply, are connected to the cylinder from a vent pipe, are easy to set up and their simplicity in comparison to unvented systems can mean they’re more low-maintenance.

The vent pipe causes the cylinder to react to the atmospheric pressure and the water remains in the cold water storage tank until you need it for one of your home appliances. This indirect heating method is often the most viable choice for families operating on a tight budget.

Vented systems are also designed to use minimum power, which translates to lower utility bills, and they’re also compatible with the vast majority of water outlets.

Their main benefit is their functionality – put simply, they’re excellent at efficiently heating water.

However, the vented cylinder is the beating heart of these systems, and if it stops working, all of these advantages disappear in a split second – which is exactly when pros like Bollano Plumbers step in with rapid and expert vented cylinder replacement in your property anywhere in London.

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Vented Cylinder Installation Process

From conception to planning and installation, you’re always better trusting your cylinder installation to a highly professional firm like Bollano Plumbers in Bromley.

With over 25 years in the business, decades of combined experience and all the relevant industry certifications and accreditations, you couldn’t be in safer hands. Here’s how our installation process works:

Talk to us about your requirements initially and we’ll send over a qualified engineer to take a look at your property, consider your budget and advise on whether a vented system is still your most effective option when it comes to balancing efficiency and performance with budget. After this, we’ll provide a quote and proceed with your permission.

We will use our extensive network of suppliers to source the best make and model of vented cylinder possible, fit it with minimum disruption to your household routine, test it to confirm that it’s working perfectly, and then tidy up so thoroughly that you won’t even know we’ve been there. Hey presto! You’ll have a spanking new vented cylinder that instantly optimises your hot water system.

We strongly advise against trying to fit this type of device yourself or having a cheap amateur do the job instead of a trusted professional – cutting corners only causes more disruption and danger down the line, all of which costs a considerable amount of cash.

When Bollano Plumbers carries out your vented cylinder replacement, we’re backed by outstanding professional credentials and a fine reputation built up over years of superb customer service.

When it comes to plumbing and heating, nobody does it better than our plumbers in Bromley.

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