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Plumbing is a trade which takes years to learn and a lifetime to perfect – that’s why it’s totally unsuited to the DIY approach and should never be contracted to cowboy operators.

To work properly, the drains, pipes, boilers, radiators, appliances, taps and water heaters that comprise your system all have to be in tip-top condition – like any chain, it’s only as strong as its weakest link.

It takes a discerning eye to identify which parts of this system aren’t operating properly and whether a repair or replacement is necessary – here are some of the most common problems:

Some of our most regular callouts are for blocked drains and these develop for a variety of reasons, many of which are avoidable. For instance, blocked bathroom drains are often caused by flushing too much paper down the toilet, or failing to clear out hair and soap. Meanwhile, blocked drains in your kitchen are often caused by leftover food and grease forming a barrier that stops water flowing through pipes properly.

Underground burst pipes can cause considerable damage and it takes an expert plumber to diagnose the problem – if the water main is ruptured, you may see water bubbling up at ground level or even notice it spraying up in the air like a geyser. But the symptoms can be more subtle, such as noticing an external area where the ground is sodden, or even unusual moisture in your home basement.

Pipe leaks can cause untold problems in your home, such as mould growth, damaged electrical circuits and rotten wood – and many leaks remain hidden for some time, which allows the damage to accumulate. As well as the expense incurred by resultant repairs and renovations, the damage from leaks can also cause health problems, which is why proper installation and maintenance is essential.

Leaks from toilets, taps, basins and baths are also common – these types of problems are easier to spot and often simple to remedy for our expert tradesmen.

Whether you’ve got a leaky bath in Brixton, need a new boiler installed in Islington, or have pipe problems in Paddington, you can trust Bollano Plumbers to deliver wonderful workmanship and peerless customer service – we’re the capital’s first-rate plumbing service.

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