Having a responsive system that’s attuned to the needs, lifestyles and daily routines of occupants makes the property a much more pleasant place to live in and its improved efficiency enables savings down the line.

At Bollano Plumbers, our experienced Gas Safe certified engineers can carry out full central heating installations across London – including boiler and radiator replacements and units like programmers and thermostats that provide unparalleled levels or personalisation and control.

Quality installation is a given with Bollano Plumbers and we pride ourselves on high standards of customer satisfaction – this means that your new low-maintenance central heating system will run smoothly for years, which is exactly what every savvy property owner wants.

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How Does Central Heating Work?

The heating method for most homes in Britain is mains gas central heating – radiators that heat rooms and taps that provide hot water are fed from a boiler.

Most boilers are powered by natural gas but heating oil fuels some systems, while homes that aren’t connected to the gas mains at all can have central heating systems powered by electricity.

You’ll be aware that heating your property can be very expensive, but we can save you significant costs by installing a brand new system which is extremely efficient.

However, if you would rather keep your old system, there are usually ways this can be tweaked and improved in order for it to operate more effectively – we’re happy to discuss this approach too.

What happens during a full central heating installation?

Because we completely customise central heating installation projects to perfectly meet the needs of each individual customer, no two processes are exactly the same. However, your installation could feature some of the following steps:

You’ll benefit from a full consultation first – we will listen keenly to your requirements and the problems you’ve been having with your old central heating system in order to make our professional recommendations.

We will design a tailor-made system that’s perfect for your property, calculating the ideal size and type of radiators and the most effective boiler. We’ll also ascertain whether you need your underfloor piping replaced or extended.

Once you’re happy with our recommendations, we’ll proceed with decommissioning the old system, removing it and replacing it with the new setup.

Some types of modern condensing boilers can be significantly more efficient than traditional models and are also eco-friendly – if you’re interested in switching to a condensing boiler, we can advise on the best model and the process is quick and hassle-free.

Your new central heating system can allow you to free up valuable space in your home interior – for instance, a combi boiler doesn’t need a separate hot water cylinder, so dispensing with that device provides you with more storage space, and our experts at Bollano Plumbers can also advise on relocating radiators too.

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