Highly-rated on Google, we’ve built up a hard-won reputation over the years in Beckenham and across Greater London for professional plumbing done the old school way  ̶  with the utmost expertise, care, pride and attention to detail.

All of our engineers are Gas Safety register certified and fully time-served. But what’s more, we don’t just do plumbing  ̶  we’re also more than capable of carrying out central heating work, we’re highly proficient with boilers and we can take care of gas appliance installations and certifications.

Whatever your Beckenham plumbing problem, we’re your go-to guys!

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Specialist plumbing services in Beckenham

At Bollano Plumbers we’re happy to look at everything from a leaky tap to a complete bathroom plumbing overhaul, but we also offer several specialist plumbing services. Here’s the lowdown on a few of them:

  • Full central heating overhaul means that you can reduce your heating bills in the long run by improving efficiency and ensure that a new, more responsive system means that you can achieve the perfect ambience in every room. After a thorough consultation, we’ll assess your needs and then turn our expertise to designing a bespoke central heating system that’s perfect for your requirements. Whether you want improved central heating for yourself and your family or need to make a property you own more attractive to rent our or put on the market, this service is an excellent investment.
  • Booster pump installation can benefit you if the mains water pressure to your home isn’t what it should be, resulting in showers that dribble rather than rush and baths that take an absolute age to fill. Low water pressure can also mean that it’s impossible for two people to shower in separate rooms simultaneously without one shower losing pressure, which is very inconvenient and unpleasant. Once you’ve got a water mains pressure booster pump fitted, you’ll wish you had done it years ago, because it’ll make a huge difference to how easy it is to do everything from bathing to cooking.

As you can see, Bollano Plumbers are best placed to offer you brilliant plumbing services and much more in Beckenham  ̶  we can’t wait to hear from you!

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