Even the best central heating systems can start to perform poorly at certain points in time – if your system displays the following symptoms, it’s time to take remedial action:

  • Some of your radiators are peppered with pinholes and/or leaks.
  • Your radiators feel cold at the bottom.
  • Your need to bleed your radiators more frequently than usual.
  • Your boiler makes weird clanking and clashing noises, especially when it’s working hard to deliver heat.

Your boiler is the heart of your central heating system and one treatment in particular can restore it to its former glory and great overall performance – powerflushing.

Bollano Plumbers are powerflushing experts and can provide this superb service all across London.

If you’re interested, find out more about how it works below.

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How Does Powerflushing Work?

Powerflushing sounds dramatic and the results really are impressive, but it’s actually a perfectly safe process that can be completed quickly. Here’s how it works:

Over the years, your boiler builds up corrosion and this generates a sludge that makes it work less effectively.

Your boiler provides the heat that fuels your entire system, so keeping it clean is absolutely essential.

Powerflushing involves using a precision-engineered machine to force water through your system at high speed but low pressure, thus ensuring that the process is thorough but does no damage.

The water contains special cleaning chemicals and it blasts through every individual radiator as well as throughout the whole system, so that all sludge and debris is removed from every nook and cranny.

Once all the detritus is removed, we fill up your system with clean water and inhibitor protection.

Powerflushing is fast, thorough and effective – once the treatment is completed, your central heating system will be back at its best and you can expect lower utility bills because of improved efficiency.

Furthermore, heat distribution will be far more even throughout your property, you’ll extend the lifespan of your system and you’ll feel the benefits for years afterwards.

Why Choose Bollano Plumbers For Your Power Flush in London?

To complete the powerflushing process properly, you need a pro powerflushing machine and appropriate professional experience.

Fortunately, Bollano Plumbers have all of the equipment and expertise required – with years in the business, decades of combined experience and all of the relevant certifications and accreditations, no one is better placed to deliver dynamic powerflushing services anywhere in the capital.

In the unlikely event that you can acquire a powerflushing machine (or find someone unaccredited who claims to have one) it’s unwise to take a DIY approach or hire a ‘cowboy’ operator. Our considerable experience and credentials mean that we know every type of central heating system and boiler intimately and we’ve performed this process countless times before.

When you want your central heating to work as well as it did the day that you first moved into your home, Bollano Plumbers can turn back the clock and have it operating like it’s brand new in no time at all.

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