As you tiptoe across your bedroom carpet you start to shiver as you think about skipping across the cold bathroom floor to reach the shower.

But as you tentatively place that first foot over the threshold, you’re pleasantly surprised to feel warmth flooding into your feet and rising up your body until a smile spreads across your face – as you suddenly remember what a fantastic idea it was to have underfloor heating installed!

Fancy experiencing this everyday luxury for yourself? Then talk to Bollano Plumbers about getting underfloor heating fitted in your London home – it’s a domestic treat you thoroughly deserve.

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Advantages Of Underfloor Heating

There are several practical and aesthetic reasons to have underfloor heating installed in your home – here are a few of its benefits:

For many homeowners, radiators are unsightly and ineffective – they take up a lot of floor space and often don’t have the desired heating effect because they’re placed behind furniture like sofas which block out the heat. The result is that you’re paying a lot of money for a heating solution that doesn’t even work properly – whereas with underfloor heating you’re ensuring every square inch of your floor exudes warmth whenever you need it.

Underfloor heating means you can maximise your floor space – you’ll be surprised how spacious your rooms feel when radiators are removed for good.

You can control the temperature of every individual room with underfloor heating, which means that every room is always set at the perfect temperature for you and your family members.

Underfloor heating can mean lower utility bills because an underfloor system doesn’t have to use as much energy to deliver your desired temperature as a radiator does.

Where Can I Install Underfloor Heating And How Does It Work?

You can install underfloor heating in just about any household room, but favourite areas for customers include bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and conservatories.

Wet underfloor systems work by pumping hot water through pipes hidden under your floor, while dry underfloor systems work through a network of cables wired to the mains electricity and a thermostat.

The best system for your needs will depend on your flooring area size, floor covering material and other variables, but our engineers will assess your situation and advise on which is preferable.

The entire process only takes between 2-4 days for a team of our tradesmen working on an average-sized property – as well as laying the pipes and cables, inserting insulation is a vital part of the process because it ensures that no heat is lost and your system always delivers optimal value.

And remember that with Bollano Plumbers, although the job might only take a few days, you’re also benefitting from our 25 years of experience in the business.

Treat Yourself To Underfloor Heating Soon