Available 24/7, we can call at your home or commercial premises promptly  ̶  we’re always ready to turn our polished professional skillsets to restoring order.

It’s easy to panic when you’ve got a plumbing problem but our calm, collected pros always provide peace of mind  ̶  call 020 8402 3959 whenever you need a Chislehurst plumber.

Chislehurst plumbing problems solved

We can help fix any problem connected with pipes, taps, drains, and just about anything else  ̶  here are some of the more common callouts we get for plumbing services in Chislehurst:

  • Leaks from basins, baths, taps and toilets are ten a penny and the good news is that our expert plumbers can usually have them fixed in a jiffy.
  • Pipe leaks can be a little more insidious ̶  sometimes they can proceed undiscovered for months, causing problems with mould, damaging flooring and even compromising electrical cables. Don’t worry though  ̶  we’ll soon find the root of the problem and make the necessary repairs. However,  with pipe leaks, prevention is better than cure, so get professional plumbers like Bollano to install and maintain your pipes in the first place and leaks are a lot less likely!
  • Blocked drains are also common and often they’re caused by stuffing too much toilet paper down the loo or not cleaning soap, hair and food detritus from baths and kitchen sinks. The good news is that unclogging your drains doesn’t take an experienced plumber long at all.


Naturally, if you discover water somewhere it shouldn’t be, you might not know what the problem is  ̶  the chances are that it’s nothing catastrophic but call us right away in any event and we’ll drive straight over and get to the bottom of your plumbing problem.

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Plumbing installation in Chislehurst

Don’t forget that we don’t just cover emergency plumbing services in Chislehurst  ̶  our extensive services also include unvented hot water systems services & repairs, pump installations & repairs and much more.

Furthermore, we’re also Gas Safe registered boiler installers and provide full central heating installations and specialist services like underfloor heating installations.

Whatever your plumbing, heating or boiler needs in Chislehurst, Bollano Plumbers are best placed to satisfy them.

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