However, there are still occasions when you might want to upgrade the gas pipes in your London property and that’s when Bollano Plumbers in Bromley Gas Safe registered workers spring into action and carry out the project safely and swiftly – with minimum disruption to your routine.

With 25 years in the business and decades of collective experience in our engineer team, you can be confident that you’re in great hands with us.

Read on for more information on gas pipe upgrades.

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Why Might You Need Gas Pipe Upgrades In Bromley, london?

There are several reasons you might need a gas pipe upgrade. Here are just a few of them:

If you’re changing the use of your property from a home to a café or restaurant, you might need to significantly increase the amount of gas that comes through your pipes and meter (in order that the pressure is sufficient for appliances to work non-stop throughout the working day and cook food safely and efficiently).

If your property has a large gas meter, you might want to replace it with a smaller unit in order to save on gas bills.

If you’re having a combi boiler fitted, you might need to upgrade your pipe to the dimensions set out in Gas Safety regulations. A 22m supply pipe must connect the combi boiler to the meter and if the gas line is particularly long, includes lots of bends and feeds other appliances, this might have to be increased to 28mm and 35mm in some sections.

Whatever the reason for your upgrade, once we know the new peak demand in kilowatts, we can offer a quote and consultation, then start work as soon as it’s convenient for you – in any London location.

Why Might You Need Gas Pipe Relocation In London?

Sometimes, the current location of your gas meter is inconvenient and obstructs free movement around your property – or alternatively, you might have made improvements but your new development means that there’s a much better position for the meter to be placed in.

In these types of situations, our experienced engineers can take care of removing the meter, altering the pipes and reconnecting the meter – with minimum hassle.

Before you know it, your meter will be in prime position and everything will be placed perfectly around your home.

Upgrading your pipe might seem like an overwhelming task at first, but whenever you need this type of work done, Bollano Plumbers will take the weight from your shoulders and complete the task as quickly as possible while maintaining the highest safety standards.

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