But that’s the beauty of installing an immersion heater – it’s a device that’s inserted directly into water to maintain it at a specified temperature all the time, which makes all manner of domestic tasks much easier.

With a wealth of experience and a terrific team of expert engineers, immersion heater repair and installation in London is easy for Bollano Plumbers – we’ll complete the job quickly and efficiently, causing minimum distruption and leaving you with a water heating system that fulfils your family’s needs perfectly.

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How Do Domestic Immersion Heaters Work?

Domestic immersion heaters operate from the regular electrical supply, but if you’re focused on household economising, an off-peak installation is a savvy idea.

An off-peak installation works through the lower immersion heater connecting to the off-peak heating circuit, with the upper heater connecting to the normal circuit. This efficient setup allows you to have hot water anytime you need it, without splashing out cash unnecessarily.

But remember that these types of systems only work properly when they’re fitted by experienced professionals like Bollano Plumbers – trust your installation to someone unqualified and untested, and they could end up costing you far more money in repairs.

Whether you want a brand new immersion heater unit fitted or an old immersion heater replacement, Bollano Plumbers in Bromley is always on the ball.

Why Choose Professional Immersion Heater Installation In London?

There are several solid reasons you should choose professional immersion heater services in London from Bollano Plumbers, here are just a few:

With over 25 years in the plumbing and heating business, there’s no immersion heater system that we don’t know inside and out – this means we’ll get you set up safely and swiftly, ensuring that minimum maintenance is required going forward.

Trying to DIY your immersion heater repair or installation, or paying an amateur to attempt it, is folly – at best you’ll end up with cold water, but at worst it can be downright dangerous.

Our engineers are Gas Safe registered and fully insured, which provides total peace of mind for your project.

Our transparent diagnosis and pricing process means there are no hidden charges – we will ascertain the ideal solution for your unique needs and offer the best quality resolution for the most competitive price possible.

We will carry out the work discreetly and quickly, leaving your home in pristine condition – and because we’re based in London, we can reach any location citywide in no time at all.

As you can see, there are several reasons to trust Bollano Plumber with your immersion heater installation and repair – give us a bell today to discuss your options.

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