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But if your cooker isn’t properly installed, all those memories disappear in a puff of smoke – which is exactly why countless customers have relied on Bollano Plumbers for their London cooker installations over the years.

When a cooker isn’t installed properly, you’re not making the best of all its functions and wasting time and money, plus faulty installation often means more repairs and maintenance lie ahead of you, or at worst, you might need to replace your cooker entirely.

Professional installation is the first step in having a cooker that lasts for years – and fuels fantastic family memories!

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Tell-tale Signs Your Cooker Needs Replaced

To the untrained eye, it’s not always obvious that your cooker needs replaced, but here are some tell-tale signs to watch out for:

Regular ageing is one factor to bear in mind – some cookers are very well-made, but in general, once most cookers get to 15-20 years old, you could probably benefit from replacing them with a more modern, efficient model.

If your cooker is requiring repairs more regularly and the cost of these is mounting up, it’s time to weight this against spending the cash on a new model instead – continuing to invest in an appliance that’s on its last legs is false economy.

If your cooker takes ages to heat up, isn’t heating to the correct temperature and is cooking unevenly, these are all signs of faults that could point towards its demise.

Benefits Of Professional Gas Cooker Installation In Bromley, London

Our experienced installers are often called on to help customers who have decided to DIY their cooker installation – often with dire results!

Unless you’ve got the relevant professional training and expertise, there’s a slim chance that you’ll be able to install a new cooker properly – at best, the end result will be a cooker that doesn’t work, but at worst, it can be downright dangerous.

You’re dealing with natural gas when installing cookers, and this should always be left to experts like Bollano Plumbers.

Our friendly staff are all Gas Safe certified and we have over 25 years of experience in the business, which should provide you with perfect peace of mind, because it means that over the years we have dealt with practically every cooker manufacturer on the market and know how to install each model perfectly.

When you want swift, efficient and safe cooker installation anywhere in London, trust the pros at Bollano Plumbers – we’re dedicated to ensuring that your kitchen continues to keep your family healthy and happy!

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